Michael E. D'Antonio, Jr.'s Notable Cases



Ernest T. Jones v. Miss. Inst. of Higher Learning, Claiborne County Circuit Court, No. 2009-29-A (July 07, 2016) (judgment notwithstanding the verdict in favor of corporate client).


Borries v. Grand Casino of Miss., Inc., 187 So.3d 1042 187 So.3d 1042 (Miss. 2016) (reversal of summary judgment against construction company).                           


Miss. Transp. Comm’n v. Murtagh, et al., Holmes County Special Court of Eminent Domain,  No. 2012-0237 (Sept. 26, 2013) (jury verdict for client).   


Jones v. Alcorn State Univ.,120 So.3d 448 (Miss.Ct.App. 2013) (affirming judgment in favor of defendants).


Eagle Capital Corp. v. Munlake Contractors, Inc., et al.,  Mississippi Supreme Court, No. 2012-M-01735-SCT (affirming dismissal of corporate clients).


Gulf Coast Property, Inc. v. Miss. Transp. Comm’n, Hinds County Circuit Court, No. 251-5-903 (Aug. 10, 2012) (dismissal in favor of client).


Ernest T. Jones v. Alcorn State Univ., (S.D.Miss. 2012) No. 2012-0237 (dismissal of state entity and individual defendantMississippi   


Knight Props. v. Sanders, 77 So.3d 522 (Miss. 2011).


Rudy Chestang v. Alcorn State Univ., et al., No. 5:10-CV-67-DCB-JMR, 2011 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 133378 (S.D.Miss. 2011) (dismissal of corporate and individual defendants).


Miss. Transp. Comm’n v. Mae Cotton, et al., Madison County Special Court of Eminent Domain, No. CO  2008-1270-01 (2010) (jury verdict in favor of client).


Miss. Transp. Comm’n v. Bumond B. Noble, et al., Madison County Special Court of Eminent Domain, No. CO 2008-1272-01 (2009) (jury verdict in favor of client).